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Laptops & nostalgia

On July 18, 2016 | 2 high flyers

Hi there, how is summer's going? ^.^
Mine is freaking hot as usual, but a couple of days ago something distracted me, made me laugh and got me in a nostalgic mood.

While doing a bit of wardrobe cleaning, I found an old 2012 H-P backup laptop - at the time I used it mainly to watch DVDs - still containing all the designs, graphics and resources from all my I back-then sites: I♥Adore, ART-icons, Seven-Skies, Aesir, etc.; the laptop is off internet, as I changed my wi-fi since then, and I've kept it like that while I browsed through my old works...which caused the mentioned bout of nostalgia. n.n
I was quite amused and a little shocked when I realized how much my designing style changed since then - my skills are still not very good, but they changed and evolved more than I thought: back then I didn't yet know Google Fonts, my navigation menus range was way smaller, I was even worse than now at choosing color schemes...and my text was aaalways small-sized; still, the layouts aren't all that bad and so I've done a clean-up, deleting all the ugliest ones, and am planning to re-code them and put them up on Hakanai and re-use the ones without my watermarks on my sites. xD

I'm also getting a new Windows computer from Amazon - I've yet to decide if a laptop or an all-in-one desktop - because, while the H-P still runs (and the Sony VAIO is a decent secondary laptop), the keyboard top F-functions buttons on the H-P don't work the way they should, and neither does Windows 7 who has some hiccups...but maybe that's because the laptop has to be updated; I'll update the H-P before starting with the premades but, in the case the issues don't depend from that, I'm getting a new one - also to try a fully working Windows 10 (my old Asus' was crippled probably because it wasn't a fresh install but simply upgraded from 7).

If I get a new computer, I'll post the photos so stay tuned; see you all on next entry.
Take care, guys; have a wonderful week and enjoy the summer. ♥

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