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On holiday!!

On August 06, 2016 | 7 high flyers

Hi there guys, how's your summer?
Mine has just gotten even better, as it's been confirmed that - like I do every year - I'm gonna stay for one week at my aunt's small house on the coast of Tuscany (near Forte dei Marmi, Versilia).

As I mentioned, this trip has become some sort of tradition as it started when I was still in high school; back then I went with my aunt and my grandparents, to help my aunt to take care of them. When they passed away, the tradition stuck and me and my aunt had one week - or more - of girls time the two of us alone. n.n
This year was to be the first year we broke the tradition, as my cousin and her best friend with her daughter were to be there; the friend suddenly decided not to go, so I got to....and my cousin - whom I grew up with - will come down a few days after me with her partner.
Mum of course isn't happy - if it was for her I would have to stay with my aunt for like 2 days at most....but that's certainly not because she misses me; she has a little psychotic obsession my aunt feels obliged, that I'm gonna disturb her and I should be unobtrusive on my aunt....what does that mean, anyway? v_v This time she even tried everything to convince my aunt I should come home before my cousin came - making my holiday 4-days long instead of a week - but luckily she didn't succeed.

So, I'm going; see you all when I'm back next week, with the promised post on the new laptop - photos included if I can.
Take care, guys; have a wonderful Sunday and week...and enjoy your summer. ♥

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